1.- Activities for educational centres and camping holidays

Rural Hostel Fuente Agria schedules school year and holidays with a wide range offering so that educational centres, associations and firms can arrange in our facilities any kind of educational activities, leisure and nature-based activities, workshops, etc.

Within our offer we highlight the following:

- Activities and camps in the heart of nature. Sport and active leisure: kayak or canoeing, hiking, climbing, bicycle riding, mountain race, etc.

- Health and nutrition. In view of the fact that we have an organic vegetable garden at our disposal, we suggest you courses and workshops on health and nutrition.

- Education in values. Through courses and workshops, we promote values such as responsibility, autonomy, respect for diversity, empathy, respect and care for the environment, responsible consumption, equality between men and women, etc.

- Culture and artistic creation. Activities which help us to acquire skills and habits towards the full enjoyment of culture, to be able to express ourselves and to communicate in freedom: fostering reading activities, audiovisual creation, radio workshops, painting, art craft theatre, etc.

The hostel is located in an interesting cultural and natural environment. We make good use of the educational resources of the zone like the Mediterranean forest, the orchard, the historical heritage, the river, the gastronomy, etc. and we put them at the service of the activities you wish to do: cultural tours, camps, environmental education, cooperative and education in values activities, etc.

We work with the most important tourism companies of the area (active and adventure tourism), with qualified instructors and approved material, complying with all safety standars.

2.- Comprehensive Health, Well-being and Personal Development

“Invest in all the things that cannot be taken away from you in the event of a shipwreck” (Proverb)

Friendly service in the pleasant atmosphere of Rural Hostel Fuente Agria favors relaxation of mind and body.

Rural Hostel Fuente Agria hosts annually a series of activities that promote, generate and boost health and well-being in people, families and organizations.

We intend to contribute to make life healthier, more fulfilled and satisfying, taking into account the globality of the person in their different aspects: body, mind and spirit, working towards their full integration.

Improve and/or acquire abilities, capacities and skills which enable us to achieve an optimal performance, improving satisfaction and well-being through creativity, dance, music, contact with nature and the encounter with oneself.

Yoga, meditation, rhythmic-expressive body motion, personal growth, workshops for children, etc.

3.- Groups interested in Active and nature-based Tourism

The choice of active tourism and sport in contact with nature is huge in the area. From Rural Hostel Fuente Agria, in collaboration with leading companies from Upper Guadalquivir and from Córdoba we offer a wide-ranging list of activities at the best possible price, to further complement the activities programme or to suggest new ideas so you can enjoy our facilities.

Senderos Córdoba

Guadalquivir Activo
TNT Aventura

Las Agujetas de Villafranca de Córdoba
AMV de Villafranca de Córdoba

Grupo Local de SEO-CÓRDOBA
Conservation Group Los Mugrones

4.- Meetings, training and working sessions

Our facilities are just the right place to arrange activities in a friendly, family atmosphere, addressed to associations, foundations, public entities, companies, etc.

We have a room with a capacity for up to 25 people, the ideal venue to hold meetings, presentations, celebrations or private events. If the weather is good, one of the open-air terraces can be used. If you want to combine a working day with leisure or sport activities, the hostel puts at your disposal the swimming-pool, as well as hiking tours, mountain biking, kayak or canoeing, etc.

In addition, we have audio-visual and sound equipments to carry out screenings, and Wifi Internet access.

We offer you the possibility of hiring catering service, if the activity you are planning to carry out is going to take place somewhere else.

We offer our restaurant, the best cuisine at the best possible price.

We highlight the following suggestions:

Meetings, training, encounters, conferences:

If you need a venue to develop any activity, don´t hesitate, contact us.
We love helping you and do our best to make your wishes come true. We give you advice regarding the organization of your event, study your specific needs and help you choose the best option according to your budget. We put at your disposal equipment and teaching materials.

Business meals:

The whole morning for your meeting, then you will celebrate the well done work with an excellent meal for every diet and budget.

Business breakfasts:

Hold your meetings in our room and we´ll serve you a complete breakfast to help you to have a fruitful working day.

5.- Family and friends meetings. Celebrations

Rural Hostel Fuente Agria is the right place for any kind of celebration, family or friends meeting. We offer you the best service in the appropriate environment so you can enjoy of a kind atmosphere in the company of your loved ones.

If there are any children in the group, we offer a wide range of activities for kids (art workshops, crafts, circus, theatre, movies…) And they will be accompanied by qualified monitors.

We adjust ourselves to your proposals to make every moment unique and enjoyable.

We offer special discounts for these kind of events.

Our philosophy is based on our customer´s fulfillment, and in order to do so, we offer a venue to enjoy outdoor, using exclusively the swimming-pool if it is required.

We have created in our restaurant a wide variety of dishes in great detail in order to elaborate a menu tailored to your specific requests.

We provide you with a vast array of services so that nothing is missed, an á la carte menu and quality products.